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Alioscopy 3D displays show three-dimensional images instantly, without requiring specific eyewear. The sensation of depth is natural and immediate: it amazes, captivates the audience and retains their attention. Out-of-Home communication can now use the striking impact of 3D, whether for digital signage, advertising, marketing or special events. 3D also enhances the understanding of complex data and professional imaging can now benefit from the same technology.
3D Naturally
Alioscopy 3D displays are fitted with a high precision lenticular lens, displaying different images for each eye. Stereo eyewear generally needed when watching 3D movies are not required anymore. Viewers are relieved from cumbersome glasses, isolating them from the environment and preventing eye contact. 3D is seen naturally!
3D Simply
Unlike 3D films made for the cinema or stereoscopic televisions operating with glasses, Alioscopy 3D displays require proprietary content combining not just 2, but 8 discrete images. Viewers may stand freely in front of the display and move sideways to enjoy the 3D scene from slightly different angles.
3D Broadly
Alioscopy 3D displays can be considered as windows opening on a three-dimensional world. They can display broad scenes with mesmerizing pop-out and depth effects. They can embrace a global depth span in and out of the screen equal to its width, and occasionally show much broader scenes when content is well suited.
Wide comfort zone
Depending on their size, Alioscopy 3D displays can be viewed in good conditions by an audience of 20 to 50 people spread over an area of 90°, providing viewing distances are respected (see below). A narrow transition zone where the 3D effect seems blurred occurs every 50 cm. All it takes is to step slightly aside to find a sweet spot again, with natural depth sensations.
2D/3D compatible
Alioscopy 3D displays can show 2D content as well as proprietary 3D content mixing 8 views. This backwards compatibility gives you flexibility in use to push 2D, 3D or a combination of both.

Alioscopy 3D displays are auto-stereoscopic because the three-dimensional effect is immediate and doesn't rely on special eyewear. Content however is special. Instead of assembling one left and one right image, it actually includes 8 images forming 7 successive stereo pairs. These 8 views are multiplexed into one single Alioscopy image, using a proprietary algorithm.
Parts of the image appear to be blurred on your computer screen. If you were watching the original HD image full screen on an Alioscopy 3D displays, this blur would convert into a staggering 3D effect, and the image would be crisp everywhere. The right wheel of the front airplane would show on the display plane itself, but the tip of its wing would pop-out 40 cm outside of a 42" display, whereas the plane flying in the back would appear to be flying 60 cm behind the screen.

alioscopy screen sizes

These built to order units from LeslieTec push the 3D screen one step further. Incorperating the 3D screen with a special mirrored surface delivers a true holographic effect. Ideal for Event, Exhibition, POS and Museum aplications these units alow the viewer to see through the immage, the black levels i the screen image apear invisable and any objects generated to display in the Alioscopy screen float suspended in the void within the cube.

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