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Audio control systems

Sound design

RSF manufacturer audiovisual equipment that has more than 30 years of experience in applications dedicated to museums and live shows. RSF produces the largest, most advanced, and most innovative range of audioguides on the market.

The RSF Partner network distributes the RSF products internationally and is one of the world's most successful in the field.
More than 600 museums, galleries, heritage sites and archeological parks are enjoying quality tours provided by RSF. Please see below for nore details on all units in the audio guide range.

The most technologically advanced and most versatile audioguide on the market. The COMPACT's unique features include: direct audio transmission in 16 channels, IR and Bi-directional RF triggering, lip-accurate video synchronization, "Kiosk" applications ready, easy wireless statistics collection, and a high luminosity "OLED" graphic display.

The OPTIMA4 is ideal for sites where the aim is to immerse the visitor in another world using and interacting with the latest multimedia technologies. Introduced at the end of 2006, the OPTIMA4 is the latest version of RSF’s OPTIMA audioguide

The WAVELINK wireless tour guide system allows addressing several groups of visitors clearly and discreetly in open and busy environments, In each group the guide has a transmitter and each visitor a receiver. Regardless of distance, the guide’s voice is heard clearly by the visitors in his group, free from any background noise.

The InfoDAP is a wired audioguide that provides visitors with direct access to six different messages of five minutes each. The InfoDAP could be placed on a wall or a table using a magnetised holder. It is attached to the exhibit with an armoured cable that includes the power supply, therefore no battery and no maintenance. The visitor just picks up the InfoDAP and a predetermined message will start automatically.

The SpotDAP is the American Technology Corporation's patended HSS® HyperSonic® Sound System. The tight directionality of the SpotDAPs is unrivaled (3°), and significantly reduces the noise pollution levels in any situation where ambient noise is an issue. Another great SpotDAP feature with many benefits is its long projection distance of intelligible sound (up to 20 metres).

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These small, easily installed sound transducers create very powerful micro-vibrations (less than the width of a human hair). Causing resonant surfaces to emit high quality immersive sound.
Mounted to the rear surface of  materials such as GRP, GRC, composite board, plaster, wood, glass they turn the surface itself into the sound producing medium and therefore function as invisable speakers.
Ideal for use in museums, retail, point of sale advertising, store windows, outdoor placement and art instillations offices, shopping malls, historic buildings, listed buildings, schools and hospitals.
They dispense with the need to vent a surface to allow sound through and therfore offer maintenance free and weatherproof soulutions to getting sound out to your audience.
Independent research has shown engaging propositions delivered by a window audio can lift sales by up to 50% when compared to a silent window.

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We use a number of different manufacturers to implement this technology.
proven track record at attracting attention and improving footfall when installed in shop windows.
create interactive audio on conjunction with digital displayd, touch films and through glass sensors.
the quality of the sound produced by this technology has improved greatly over tha last few years. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of the high quality sound possible with your proposed aplication.

Capable of delivering 40Hz-20kHz bandwidth at a maximum amplitude of 40 microns at an SPL of over 90dB, the F1+ is ideal for home theatre, under-floor or commercial audio applications where high quality invisible sound is required without visual or acoustic compromise.

Directional audio allows you to reduce the ambient volume of sound in a space, avoiding uncomfortable sound levels in order to get your message over to your audience. It also means you can use multiple sound sources with different content in the same area without the content becoming intelligible. Changing the way we use sound in quiet areas such as reception or waiting areas or in spaces with multiple exhibits such as museums, galleries etc.

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Providing an audio solution for a museum is fraught with challenges. Many times the spaces are open with little or no acoustic isolation between exhibits. There are usually multiple sound sources in close proximity, and with aesthetic and budget constraints, the exhibit design may be limited or may dictate the placement of the sound source. Add to that, the desire to control the audio or eliminate audio spill and it is enough to make a museum director's head spin.
Providing solutions in this type of environment is what directional sound is all about. A big reason for that is the unobtrusive design of the arrays. The next advantage they provide is the configuration of the arrays: adjusting how tight the focus of sound is, how far the sound travels and what type of sound is reproduced is all user configurable, in the field, via an onboard control panel.
Spaces with a lot of noise both from the public and background music usually make listening to the ‘game’ at the bar almost impossible. Directional audio cuts through the noise and delivers the sound directly where you want it to be without adding to the cacophony.
Directional audio allows you to focus the audio from perhaps a digital signage screen to a specific area in a building, avoiding interrupting people for whom it has no interest; also it provides confidentiality over audio systems between reception areas and the individual.
Subtle clarity of your message is a real bonus in this environment, often people will be put off from approaching or spending time on your stand if, in order to be heard, your sound becomes oppressive.
Directional audio can envelop your visitors clearly without having to drown out your neighbour's audio.

Multiple small, high quality loudspeakers providing excellent sound quality and control in thin unobtrusive packages. Our technology provide coverage patterns that are not available with other technologies.
We can do different types of patterns; very tight "spot" sound, larger area circular & oval patterns, or projected down an aisle.
The distance to the listener can be from 12 inches to 14 feet (or more).
We have mounted them under grates in the floor, over where the listener stands, or offset several feet from the listener (we can project the sound at an angle).
The array can be long and narrow, square, round, round with a hole in the middle to look like a 45 record, custom shapes, surrounded with neon, buried within a wall, mounted in the front of a sales counter, behind products in a display rack, ceiling mounted, weatherproof, have a logo printed on the front.

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This exhibit made for toyota illustrating different elements of the production line buildin thier cars used focuses speakers in order to avoid the 4 different sound sources in close proximity interfering with each other.

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Technical information

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Focused Mini Array: Model MA-4

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Focused Mini Array: Model MA-5

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Focused Array: Model FA-501

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24” Focused Audio Array: Model FA-602

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Focused Floor Array: Model FA-603


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