EL Strip or EL Tape

The Worlds Widest, Thinnest Longest Light bulb it has extreemly low power usage.
EL Strip is an electroluminescent (EL) lamp. It operates the same way as our EL Panels, in that light is produced by exposing phosphor crystals to AC power. The particles are excited by the voltage and frequency and give off light.
Why is EL Strip Unique?
EL Strip is unique to other electroluminescent technologies because it is manufactured in long continuous rolls that are 760mm wide and over 365m long. Most EL products are silk screen printed and are limited to a specific size, shape and connection location. The EL Strip manufacturing process allows unparalleled quality and size with the ability to be easily fabricated into different widths, lengths and shapes. EL Strip master rolls are split into a variety of standard widths and lengths as described below but can be modified or custom cut for specific needs.
The Scribe Line
A distinguishing characteristic of EL Strip is the line down the centre of whatever width the lamp is cut to. This line is made by cutting or scribing into the aluminium backing of the lamp, dividing it into two electrical conductors of equal size and symmetry. This technique is what allows the uniform illumination of such large areas of light, and also allows for the lamp to be custom shaped and moulded.
EL Strip is manufactured in two basic colours
• ‘Aqua’ utilises a mix of natural Blue & Green phosphor crystals which, combined, give the best brightness and life available.
• ‘White’ is made by adding a dye to the phosphor mix during manufacturing. When energised, the Blue/Green colour is shifted by the dye to appear as a pure White color of 5400 degrees Kelvin.
Colours Overlays
For lamp widths of 6 inches (152.4 mm) or less, other colours are created by adhering and laminating coloured gel material to the standard Aqua and White Surelight EL Strip.
The six colour overlays are: Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red and Yellow.
EL Strip is available in both an indoor and outdoor grade. Indoor grade lamp is laminated with a standard polyester material that resists humidity up to 70%. Outdoor grade lamp utilises a specially formulated laminate that provides up to 99% humidity protection plus ultraviolet (UV) protection to stand up to sun exposure.
Contact us in order to price your project or use the link above to order an EL Strip evaluation kit.

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