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Our interactive software is fast and accurate.
A sophisticated array of features unavailable in any other single package means fast setup times creating advanced interactive installations onto floors, walls, tables windows or any surface you like. As well as our off the shelf event systems we also specialise in integrating our systems into your environment seamlessly ensuring the hardware is unintrusive and reliable 24/7. Our history of developing systems for exhibition and museum retail spaces means we know how to develop the details for the most exacting designs.


Motion Detection Engine
The motion detection engine offers unrivalled performance, accuracy and stability. Response time offers minimal latency and an advanced configuration program means most of the setup is performed from the PC rather than having to focus lenses and adjust the tracking camera to match the projection area, Cropping the camera feed within the software allows perfect calibration between the camera and the projection every time. Our software is a completely stable platform which can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The effect launcher has an easy to use interface that users with the most basic computer skills can work with. From here, you can access all of the configuration settings, launch your effects and test your system using a mouse. Building your own effects from scratch and adding your own content is easy. Each effect has a number of parameters and layers into which you can insert your own images and video. If you don’t want to build your effect from scratch there are over 100 basic effects templates from to choose from.
We have over 100 standard effects available. They are completely customisable. You can insert background images and videos, logos and sounds as well as configure the effect to respond the way you want it to. Every layer of the effects can be adjusted to suit your need.
Examples of effects include:
Air drums/ Alpha Reveal/ Animate/ Attract/ Bowling/ Bridge/ Butterfly/ Cars/ Flip/ Hockey/ Hotspot/ Image Reveal/ Image Viewer/ Objects/ Quiz/ Repel/ Reveal/ Sea life/ Soccer/ Sound/ Zone/ Splat/ Sprites/ Static/ Switch/ Tile Flip/ Trail/ Turntable/ Zoom
Data acquisition
Our software is able to collect data and generate usage reports, essential in some marketing environments, it can generate profiles for the demographic of the users, dates, times, male, female, age etc.
Projector control and automated power schedule.
Our software has control configuration tools included. Using either serial or TCPIP connections you can set the times of the video output on and off, control all manufacturer included projector settings and monitor the projectors for lamp hours and status, settings available allow you to monitor any changes of state in the system, mailing you at regular intervals or if an issue arises in order to pre-empt problems and avoid downtime. This enables you to offer your client a proactive response to any issues arising.
Automated updates
Any updates to the software will be automatically installed if/when you want it to be.
Fully configurable Effect schedules.
Effects can be configured to simply loop throughout the duration of the install or you can configure the system to adhere to schedules. You have complete control of effect playback timings using playlists and calendar configuration of playback using seconds, minutes, hours, days, months.
Remote update of configurations, effects and content.
Its simple to upload new content and configurations seamlessly from remote locations.
Multiple Displays
It is possible to use multiple projectors and tracking kits to create much large displays. You can use up to four tracking cameras and four projectors from one PC to create extra long or larger interactive setups. The display can be horizontally or vertically spanned, or setup 2x2 for huge displays.
Edge Blending Warping and Mapping
There are many solutions available offering edge blending and warping, however, these features only appear on the most expensive projectors or available by using very expensive hardware solutions. There are also software solutions available, but are again, expensive and they also increase latency in the projected image which interferes with the interactive experience. We have incorporated Edge Blending as standard for all of our effects, you can edge blend up to four projectors to create seamless displays and there is no processing overhead by doing so. This means the displays run in real-time. For custom installations, we can edge blending an unlimited amount of projectors.
Our software has built in networking functionality. Systems can be set as either a master or a slave, so when you have a large network of projections, you can set one as the master and the rest as slave. After setting up a master unit the slave systems will periodically log in and check for any updates, download any new content and start playing the new sequence. This is done in the background, so the systems still function and the audience won't notice the update until you allow it to go live. We also have a version which can be set as master and run at a separate location so you can create new effects, change content and sequences, etc. from anywhere in the world. This version is free of charge to users, so even with just 1 system, you can use this version to remotely update a live system.
Built into the Full Pack is an SDK Player. With our SDK, you can create your own effect in whichever programming language you desire. Having the SDK player built into the Launcher, means you can run custom effects you have made with our SDK on any machine without having to purchase another SDK.
Custom Designed Programs
We can custom build your very own interactive program. Our unique modular technology allows us to create an infinite amount of stunning effects, designed however you want and easily integrated into an existing system. Please contact us for a quote.

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