LED Architectural and Stage Lighting

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LTS are a leading installer and supplier of Prolight Concept Lighting luminaries.
We implement lighting systems for exhibition spaces, bars, events, showroom and museum spaces and visitor attractions, specializing in effect lighting and dynamic design including development of bespoke control systems reacting to user flow or environmental conditions. Contact us for advice on what lighting you may need on your project and we will be pleased to advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective system to suit your needs.

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Exterior Fixtures___________________
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See some examples of our range in use and our Prices below.

Xterior 150W Tri Flood £520.00

Xterior 150W Tri Flood
150w tri flood
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iSolution Colour Bar 16TC £480.00

Colur Bar TC Series
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Visio Color Mood Color Inset Frosted (CI-100F) £60.00

Visio Color Mood Color Inset Frosted (CI-100F)
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CI-100 inset up-lighters provide a powerful illumination source. The inset fittings can illuminate bar fronts, walls and walkways. The heavy duty design can resist large amounts of physical force that may be exerted on to them as well as having an IP65 rating.

LEDJ Pro Xterior 36 Tri £495.00

exterior 36 tri
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LEDJ Pro Xterior 36

LEDJ Pro White LED Matrix Block £640.00

LEDJ Pro White LED Matrix Block
tri matrix block
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LTS hold a limited amount of lighting systems for hire and B stock for sales. If you are looking to light your event, museum space, stage or architectural space to a tight budget then please visit our shop or contact us directly with any enquiry on hire and sales pricing.

The LEDJ Q Colour uses Quad (RGBW) LED technology which is a revolutionary 4-in-1 LED package. Since each individual LED incorporates a red, green, blue and white chip behind a single lens, shadowing and unevenness within the field are things of the past The LEDJ Q Colour provides exceptional light coverage (As good as iColor lights) fitted with barn doors and incorporates a unique hanging yoke which doubles up as a floor mounting stand. Using a DMX controller, virtually any colour or hue imaginable can be created. A 0-100% electronic dimming feature lets you fade and adjust the intensity of colours, while a speed adjustment feature gives you command over fast-to-slow colour changes With several operating modes to choose from, the LEDJ Q Colour can handle a variety of applications. It can be run in DMX Mode to create customised light shows. It can also be operated in several modes that do not require an external controller: Auto mode (running through internal programmes), Sound active mode (chasing to the music) and Static colour Mode. Additionally, multiple units can be linked together Master/Slave. (The LEDJ Q-Colour can be used with a DMX controller with a minimum of 4-channels).


There's only one Source Four® -- the fixture that changed the lighting industry. Source Four combines the energy-saving power of the patented HPL lamp, with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses, for the coolest beam on the market. That means your gels, patterns and shutters last longer and your performance space stays cooler. No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four's revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field. The EDLT lens tube option for 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º field angles makes the Source Four even better for ultra-crisp, high-contrast gobo projections. Rated for up to 750 watts, the Source Four is perfect for punching through saturated colors. Simply best in class.


Strand Quartet F Fresnel with 10° to 40° soft edged beam.
• Profile spot optics are designed for improved output and cleaner beam distribution for crisper shuttering and gobo projection
• Lens mechanism ensures smoother beam adjustments
• Compact, lightweight yet ruggedly constructed
• CE marked
Our popular Quartet range of spotlights features a Fresnel, PC spot and two zoom profi les to meet a wide range of applications where a small powerful light source is needed. The whole range shares a common lamp family, allowing users to stock a single lamp type for up to four luminaire styles. Ideal for small entertainment and display applications, there is a Quartet spotlight to meet your needs.

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