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Interactive Projection

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Bespoke Design planning and engineering

We integrate projection systems and screens into all kinds of environments and have developed a broad understanding of the hardware and methods available to integrate projection systems into architectural spaces, museum environments POS units and furniture. We have developed solutions for getting light engines into the most demanding of environments and offer high quality systems at the best prices available. We work with a wide range of suppliers and won't shoehorn you into using expensive equipment unnecessarily. Working to budget and hitting lead times without disappointing results is what we do.

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Rear projection , front projection, high gain, outdoor, 360 viewable holographic, ultra wide vision, pearlescent, matt, HD progressive, sun readable, ultravision, 3D interactive,,,,,,, there are so many technologies and materials on the market today, all developed by a variety of companies for particular applications and all perform differently in conjunction with different light engines and in different environments. All of the materials are optimised for specific viewing parameters and it can be a real headache trying to make sure you buy the correct system. We can advise on the right material for your specific application ensuring you get the right configuration for your content. Getting the right components including projector, mounting system and screen can make the difference between a mediocre screen and a real eye catcher.
We draw on a broad range of manufacturers to suit all projects and budgets. Contact us with your enquirey and we will be happy to advise you on the best materials available.

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Vikuiti Rear Pro adheisive Foil

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Warping and Edge Blending sytems.


Warp & Blend Systems
Immersive Display Solutions offers a range of complementary solutions for performing geometry warp and seamless edge-blending on our multi-channel projection solutions. The market for high-resolution, multi-projector, edge-blended immersive domes and displays has continued to rapidly expand, and LTS has responded by partnering with a small number of industry-leading partners to continue to transform the dynamics of the simulation and visualization industries by enabling a range of flexible and easy-to-use “warp-and-blend” turnkey solutions.
Our warp and blend solutions use a camera-based auto-calibration system to calculate pixel instructions and create warped meshes. The system then automatically calibrates the display and completes the task of aligning multiple projector display systems within a very short period of time to achieve a high quality, multi-projector edge-blended image. Optional colour correction software tools provide the functionality to colour-balance each projector for colour uniformity and intensity.

this technology allows projections onto domes, cylinders, arcs and non linear planes and allows accurate mapping onto uneven surfaces generating the illusion that the projection surface has depth in perspective.
warping also allows flexibility in the positioning of projectors in spaces where it is not possible to mount them in orthodox on axis positions to the projection plane.

internal dome
Sevilla mapping - 4

Floors, windows, table tops, walls can all be tiurned into an interactive surfaces using projection systems and camera tracking teqniques. Our systems have been installed worldwide, have a proven track record and are available to buy or rent, with standard effects or the ability to develop bespoke functionality.

  • Basic configuration includes tracking hardware, up to 4 effects and profesional 3000 lumen projector

      • Hardware and software solution with SDK available for development 
      • Over 100 off the shelf effects

          • Built in warp and blend functionality within the software allows configuration multiple projectior systems

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