LiveStreaming and VOD content delivery

Livestream and online content delivery over internet maximises your audience and delivers your media worldwide. LTS have developed systems over both terrestrial and VSAT networks for clients. We specialise in stand alone systems reducing your production costs and we offer the most cost effective content delivery systems including Pay Per View integration into your streams if wanted. we facilitate content delivery to all OS platforms with HD quality streams and adaptive bitrate encoding to ensure quality reception to the most remote areas of reception.

Lighting and Control

LTS have extensive experience in lighting control offering development in all standards such as serial, ethernet and DMX communication. We offer specialized micro size 32 channel dimmer packs, bespoke tcpip lighting controllers and software development as well as integrating all popular lighting and control manufacturers.
We offer the latest in ip65 rated architectural LED RGBW lighting units, specialize in model and exhibition illumination and offer consultancy on all platforms to suit design concepts. Our lighting systems are capable of being interacted with by the public and we have developed mobile applications on the android platform to allow public control of lighting parameters in a variety of ways.

Digital Signage and Specialist Displays

Digital signage is the way forward for customer communica­tions in the 21st Century. Digital signs allow you to get your message to your customers at precisely the most effective time in their shopping experience. In a world where news travels fast, you want your message to travel even faster and with digital signage your message can keep pace with the hectic modern consumer life. Whether you want to communicate the latest in-store promotional deals to your customers or keep travellers aware of timetable changes, digital signage provides the ultimate flexibility in keeping your message up-to-date, with real-time monitoring and updating. Digital signage technology can drastically change and improve the way your company interacts and communicates with your customers, allowing you to deliver personalised, instantly updatable messages when and where they are at their most effective.

Interactive Technologies

It takes time to understand how to specify the correct technology to use in interactive systems. The main point of focus is the interface between the user and the point of delivery, it should work intuitively and the user should not be frustrated by the mechanics of the system. Its important to develop as simple a system as possible, this doesn’t mean that the result can’t be sophisticated, in fact its quite the opposite. Often in our line of work the less evident our work is within an environment then the better it has worked. Sensor and 'intelligent' materials technologies are constantly developing, Leslie Technical Services have over 10 years experience in delivering bespoke systems and interfaces for interactive systems and specialise in consultancy on and delivery of interactive systems for the museum, retail and exhibition industries worldwide.

Projection Systems

Projection mapping and immersive projection technologies used to be the preserve of the military and aerospace industries. Technology has become affordable for use in the entertainment and educational sphere and no big event is complete now without a large scale projection mapped onto the side of buildings or architectural scale features. High tec Holographic projection materials in conjunction with some relatively old techniques have stunned audiences blurring the boundaries between real and augmented realities in real human spaces. LTS have the expertise to install all kind of projection systems in all kinds of environments. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we can ensure impact at cost effective prices.

Bespoke Electronics

When approached to specify a system involving electronics and control LTS will always first look to develop the system with off the shelf solutions, however, sometimes the brief is so cutting edge that or conceptually advanced that standard systems are not available or are not cost effective. We can develop electronics to fill this gap and have systems installed in spaces worldwide including control systems in edit suites at Sky HQ, Vodafone CEC centre and Edinburgh Napier University’s ICE.


Specialists in multi channel audio systems, sound design and conception. Drawing on extensive experience in programming computer system signal processing software and developing modular scalable systems for instillation into display, museum and exhibition spaces. Consultants in the latest speaker technologies and focussed sound. Partners with hardware manufacturers and suppliers of systems to suit all levels of budget.

Electromechanical Displays

These displays have been used to great effect in art instillations, POS, information displays in large lobby spaces where ambient light levels are very high and standard LCD/LED displays struggle to get your message across. With these displays the more light in the space the better and they use very low levels of power. There are 2 main standards of display, dot matrix or 7 segment alpha numeric. They can be used conventionally as vehicles of information or are excellent for use as interactive centre pieces used in conjunction with sensor systems in public spaces.


Control Systems

All installed sound, video, sensors and user interfaces and any object with electronics involved need some kind of control. It can be as simple as programming a remote control to switch a screen off when someone presses a button or as complicated as a central processor constantly monitoring multiple sensors measuring environmental changes. Whether your system is purely for entertainment purposes or performs a mission critical tasks in an industrial environment you need a backend control system. LTS are expert in developing systems that link devices together and bring your systems to life, working the way you want around the clock.

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